Sveta Nedelya Square

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Urban planning

Surface: 12 000 m²

Competition: 2013

The square surrounding St. Nedelya Cathedral is located in the heart of Sofia since ancient times. Today it is unfortunately plagued by traffic, noise, and inefficient use.

In order to form a harmonious rectangular space for the square, according to the golden ratio, a building has to be placed in the southwest part next to the Palace of Justice. It is the best location for a Museum of Ancient Serdika and Sredets, which could also provide an appropriate and easy access to the underground archaeological site. Conceived as a transparent glass cube with an approximate height of the other buildings on the square, this new landmark has a central spiral ramp, showcasing, as you go from the top to the bottom, Sofia’s history from modern to ancient times.

The panoramic elevators and the rooftop terrace have a marvelous view of St. Nedelya Square and Vitosha Blvd.

The concept of the square is that of a modern Agora: a place for gathering and socializing, for big public events and cultural activity, for leisure and meditation. It represents a unique symbiosis of two spaces – upper and lower, open-air and covered, contemporary and ancient.

They are separated on different levels, yet united by translucent and transparent glass, interwoven in a common composition and connected by many vertical bonds. Here pedestrians have the privilege in a harmonic coexistence with cyclist and vehicles.