Park Borisova Gradina

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Urban planning

Surface: 350 ha;

Competition: 2015

Sofia is a European city with a rich diversity of green spaces. Borisova Gradina has an area of 350 ha, same as Central Park in New York, and is located in an important central part of the city. It is probably the most valuable park in Sofia. Today, however, it is not adequately maintained and is divided by city motorways.

For the purpose of improving the access to the park and its integrity, the design proposes 7 new pedestrian bridges, 3 subways, 3 alley, as well as sidewalks along the streets, protected with massive vegetation.

In order to link the different parts of the park, a hierarchic alley system is created.

The new pedestrian and cycle lanes are of great importance, as they fill the missing gaps in the overall park system.

One of the main elements of the new Masterplan is the Green Boulevard of Sofia, which is designed on the former railway. It integrates Borisova Gradina and the neighboring parks as well, thus creating a green urban system.

The design provides cultural and touristic events, namely: an open multifunctional hall, Museum of the park, botanical garden, educational center with an amphitheater, alleys and squares for outdoor exhibitions, art performances and workshops.