Sofia Hills Residence

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Residential complex

Surface: 10 197 m²

Project: 2022

Sofia Hills Residence is located in the resort village of Panacharevo, nestled amids the valleys of the three surrounding mountains - Plana, Lozen and Vitosha and in close proximity to the country's capital. It's secluded location provides clean air, tranquility and breathtaking views to its residents as well as excellent conditions for tourism and sport. The area is ideal for those trying to escape the harsh urban environment, while still being able to commute quickly and efficiently to the city.

The residential complex extends over an area of 17,185 000 m² and consists of 18 single-family houses and 4 apartment residential blocks. The existing residential building and large outdoor pool have been renovated and incorporated into the design of the complex. Spacious outdoor areas provide spaces for recreation, greenery and easy access for all residents.

The building materials come from natural sources, such as stone and wood, and ensure the sustainability and durability of the construction.

The single-family houses are divided into 4 distinct types - each with its unique design, distribution and use of materials. Each house as well as the ground floor apartments has a private garden, providing a safe environment for children and recreation. The inner street in an arc-shape form offers easy access to all houses and apartments as well as to the main transport street.

All residential buildings have panoramic views towards Vitosha Mountain and the surrounding valleys.