Ryde City Center

About the project

Location: Ryde, Australiaa

Building type: Apartments and offices

Surface: 40 000 m²

International competition: 2016

The design concept will create an avant-garde ecological vision of the future for the city center of Ryde. Instead of massive highrise structures, the project proposes two green hills forming a symbolic gateway, integrating an open, permeable public space, combining mineral, vegetal and water landscape.

The complex proposes a dialog with the existing context, taking into account the community needs and way of life. It offers the neighborhood a place for gathering, celebrations and cultural events that will serve as a social hub for the citizens.

The unique Gateway complex is also a perfectly balanced area in terms of density, integrated into the specific cityscape. All functions are interrelated and form an open city center that offers various opportunities for visitors and employees, as well as optimal quality of life for residents.

The new complex will achieve a high level of energy efficiency through integrated technologies for net zero carbon construction and renewable energy systems. Natural ventilation will be provided by the double-skin facade toward the streets, representing the main noise pollutants.

The new buildings are designed to be distinguishable and reflect Ryde’s history and cultural heritage, and also to correspond to the highest sustainable standards by implementing the latest green technologies.

The city will achieve a new identity by creating a benchmark multifunctional, sustainable complex in a perfect balance with the generous public space and the surrounding areas.