Mountain House in Bistritsa village

About the project

Location: Bistritsa village, Bulgaria

Building type: Reconstruction and extension

Surface: 250 m²

Project and realization: 2014–2017

The project consists in the reconstruction and extension of an existing building. It is necessary to create more space for its new inhabitants and to improve their comfort.

The house is entirely transformed and an additional mid-level is added, forming a cozy and spacious living room, connected to the upper floor through an elegant spiral staircase.

The design emphasizes on the implementation of ecological features. The main materials are clay, wood and stone, which makes the house highly sustainable and energy efficient.

The membrane of decorative wooden hedge along the facade contributes to the unique design of the building, in harmony with nature. This semi-transparent fence also protects its inhabitants from bypassers and neighbors, introducing natural daylight into the building.