Lozenetz Residence – Sofia

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Luxury apartments and offices

Surface: 8 500 m²

Project: 2014–2018

Lozenets Residence is situated in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Sofia, in the highest and greenest part of the city, opposing the Borisova gradina Park. It is a multifunctional building unique with its emblematic silhouette, as well as itsrepresentative interior spaces.

On the ground floor are located the entrance foyer, a restaurant and a multipurpose hall. The underground levels are divided between the parking, SPA and swimming pool. On the upper floors are situated offices and over twenty luxury apartments. The spiral staircase represents an atrium with natural daylight, coming from eye-shaped glass dome.

The double-skin facades feature serigraphy of ancient Bulgarian ornaments, while the stone ventilated facades are in hyperboloid curved form.

The front facade is from transparent serigraphed glass, depicting the oldest Bulgarian ornament – the Elbetica. The double-skin contributes to the high-performance thermal and noise insulation. During summer natural ventilation is provided when the upper and lower ventilation shafts are opened, while during winter they are shut, thus creating an insulating air mass.

Natural stone and exquisite glass facades are implemented in the design. The contrast between the solid stone elements and the transparent glass contributes for the monumental image.

The building is a memorable landmark in the central part of the Bulgarian capital.