Boyana Family Houses

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Family houses

Surface: 20 000 m²

Project: 2018

The Boyana family houses are located on a large plot of approximately 15 acres, in the foothills of Vitosha Mountain. The complex is situated in an unique park with gardens, water mirrors and sculptural compositions with contemporary landscape design.

The landscape of the terrain is slightly inclined to the northeast and has an average altitude of 735 m. It will be modeled for the park, which will include large open green spaces, water areas, gardens and recreation areas. There is a green strip with high vegetation, which serves as a visual barrier to the surrounding buildings.

The three houses are part of the same composition, yet at the same time are also different and have their own distinguishable architecture. Designed with unique appearance and functionality, they offer a high standard of comfort for the occupants.

The complex has a large representative ground floor, which interwines the three houses with top natural lighting. Each house has a separate underground parking, gallery and technical premises. In the general part of the basement a representative entrance lounge leads to two main art galleries, a multifunctional hall, a SPA centre with a pool, a winery, a projection room and guest apartments.