Balchik Heights

About the project

Location: Balchik, Bulgaria

Building type: Holiday apartments, spa, swimming pool and restaurants

Surface: 25 000 m²

Project and realization: 2006

Given the site’s magnificent panoramic view and proximity to the sea, the project was designed to take advantage of this exquisite natural context as well as comply with the clients’ requirements and program.The arch-like arrangement of the complex allows every apartment and every room to have a view of the sea in addition to receiving a maximal amount of sunlight. The shape of this urban composition also gave the inspiration for the original working name of the complex which was the Sea Rainbow Holiday Village

The complex has one main entrance that is located on the side of the beach. This was the easiest solution to link the holiday village to the sea, control access to the premises, and thus ensure the residents’ safety.

Altogether there are 201 apartments covering a total surface area of 19 800 m² (107 one-bedrooms, 74 two-bedrooms, and 20 three-bedrooms).The complex offers primarily covered (3 600m²) parking for 128 cars. This number could easily be increased to 200 if it proves to be insufficient. Special attention has been given to the landscape design of the project and particularly to the abundant vegetation and green areas The backbone of the urban project lies in the row of mono-orientated blocks of flats that borders the nearby road

The façades are all covered with natural materials including stone and processed wood - a choice that derives from our belief that they are most suitable to an environment where people come to enjoy the proximity and harmony with nature.