Residential Buildings

Lozenetz Residence – Sofia

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Luxury apartments and offices

Surface: 8 500 m²

Project: 2014–2018

Ryde City Center

Location: Ryde, Australia

Building type: Apartments and offices

Surface: 40 000 m²

International competition: 2016

Sea & Mountain – Saint Vlas

Location: Saint Vlas, Bulgaria

Building type: Holiday Village on the Black Sea

Surface: 64 798 m²

Project: 2012–2017

Project and realization: 2005–2017

Stefan Dobrev, Ilian Nikolov & Philip Zahariev associated architects

Vlas Tower Five-star Hotel

Location: Saint Vlas, Bulgaria

Building type: Holiday apartments

Surface: 2 700 m²

Project: 2012–2015

Project and realization: 2005–2009

Chateauroux-les-Alpes Residences

Location: Chateauroux-les-Alpes, France

Building type: 14 single-family dwellings

Surface: 2320 m²

Project: 2016–2017

Black Sea Holiday Apartments

Location: Saint Vlas, Bulgaria

Building type: 12 apartments and a swimming pool

Surface: 800 m²

Project and realization: 2005–2009

Mountain House in Bistritsa village

Location: Bistritsa village, Bulgaria

Building type: reconstruction and extension

Surface: 250 m²

Project and realization: 2014–2017

Leshten Country Houses

Location: Leshten, Bulgaria

Building type: Two private country houses

Surface: 2 x 200 m²

Project and realization: 2007–2009

Caryatides Suites

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Sixteen luxury apartments and stores at ground level

Surface: 4500 m²

Project and realization: 2005–2018

Black Sea Apartments at Primorsko

Location: Primorsko, Bulgaria

Building type: Nine holiday apartments and a swimming pool

Surface: 880 m²

Project and realization: 2009

Boulevard Saint Germain Residence

Location: Paris, France

Building type: Apartments and stores

Surface: 3000 m²

Project and realization: 2001-2004

Stefan Dobrev and Gerard Pierre associated architects

Balchik Heights

Location: Balchik, Bulgaria

Building type: Holiday apartments, spa, swimming pool and restaurants

Surface: 25 000 m²

Project: 2006

Competition – First Prize

Four Star Luxury Spa Hotel in Velingrad

Location: Velingrad, Bulgaria

Building type: Hotel and apartments

Surface: 13 500 m²

Project: 2008