Suncheon Art Platform

About the project

Location: Suncheon, South Korea

Building type: Public building

Surface: 10 000 m²

International competition: 2016

The design proposal aims to achieve a unique visionary project for the city of Suncheon, by promoting sustainability and innovation, while preserving and contributing to Korean traditions and culture.

The concept represents an emblematic and harmonious set of structures, landscape and open public spaces, interwoven through encircling alleys that follow a curved pattern. They form an original composition that relates to the specifics of the surrounding urban and architectural context.

The three alleys begin from ground level to reach different heights along the main curved pattern around the Suncheon Art Plaza. Three belvederes at the end of the alleys offer magnificent views towards the city. The main feature of the composition – the upward spiral – is a symbol of progress, prosperity and optimism.

The concept emphasizes on green design and ecological features. All roofs are vegetated and form the Suncheon Art Promenade, elevated at different levels, thus achieving connectivity and accessibility throughout the site and the adjacent neighborhoods. Local vegetation is planted on the slightly slopped roofs. The hanging gardens offer visitors unique panoramas and place for recreation and contemplation of outer art exhibitions.

The design provides the community with a multifunctional space that will serve as a social hub promoting creativity, inspiration and innovation. It will engage visitors in cultural activities, educational programs, concerts, exhibits and will also be a place for community gatherings or individual retreat. The diversity of functions will make the Art Platform a landmark for Suncheon.