National Academy Of Fine Arts - First & Second stage

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Extension and Renovation Project

Surface: 7 930 m²

Competition: First Prize

Project and realization: 2016–2018

The first stage of the extension and renovation of the National Academy of Fine Arts begins with the new Eastern wing that will be constructed adjacent to the Existing North wing. The main entrance is to the south, next to the entrance of the latter building.

There are four ateliers on each level, whereas in the basement are situated 3 lecture halls, along with a computer room and service areas. On the last floor there is a library with a reading room. The project takes into account the recommendations of the client and the new management of the Academy.

The second stage of the National Academy of Fine Arts Project represents the reconstruction and extension of the existing North wing to the south and the west.

Most of the walls and the main functional disposition are to remain the same, whereas the whole structure is to be reinforced and this stage of the project has to connect to the first one.

The facade on Oborishte St. is designed in the original style of the existing building, creating a balanced transition between the new and the old architecture of the Academy. There are two main elements: the red color – characteristic of the existing buildings, and the limestone lining – corresponding to the new ones.

The architectural design of the project aims at creating a visual rhythm between the existing historic style and the contemporary one in the extensions.