Martial Arts Arena Europe

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Sports Hall

Surface: 40 000 m²

Project: 2018

The multifunctional sports complex is located in the Western part of Sofia, on Vladimir Vazov Blvd., making it highly accessible from the center of the city and from the main western entrance to the capital, via the Hemus Highway. The boulevard is one of the most well-maintained and important arteries and provides connectivity to many parts of the city. This area of the capital is very well serviced in terms of transportation, as they are a bus and a trolleybus lines, as well as the extension of the Sofia Metro, due to be completed by 2020, whose station will be in the immediate vicinity of the complex.

The plot has an area of 7889 sq.m. The multifunctional sports complex represents a unique state of the art facility with a total built-up area of 40 000 sq.m implementing some of the best practices for sports facilities construction around the world and conforming to the latest sustainable and green architecture standards. The main access to the complex is located at the west side of the plot. It leads to an amphitheatrical square and the central entrance to the main hall.

The complex will offer accommodation for all visitors, as there are two 3-star hotels, each with 45 suites and average room size of 35 sq.m for the sports teams; one 4-star hotel with 32 suites and average room size of 70 sq.m for the referees, journalists, etc., and one 5- star VIP hotel with 36 suites with average room size of 75 sq.m.

The complex is situated in an environment with abundant greenery that encompasses the plot from all sides. From West there is a green parking lot with an above ground and underground levels with a capacity of 460 vehicles available for visitors of the complex. In the eastern part, there will be an Asian park with alleyways, alpine gardens, recreation areas and thematic landscape design. There is a separate open-air pool in the North, while in the South - a shopping alley with pavilions, situated within a green belt from Vladimir Vazov Blvd.