Contemporary Museum Centre

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Renovation and extension

Surface: 26 448 m²

Client: Ministry of Culture

Competition: 2010

The new museum is intended to shelter the Bulgarian National Art Treasures. The building is designed as a unique cultural centre easily accessible to the public.

The composition represents a dichotomy between two main elements. On one hand, the “framework” formed by the existing buildings is static, rectangular and represents the tradition and established order. On the other hand, the “core”, or the inner yard, covered with an elliptical glass dome, connects the building with the oval ramps, portraying modernity, dynamics and fantasy.

The 20-meter high huge atrium shelters the entrance hall. Inside it are the panoramic elevators and spatial staircases, as well as the elliptical spiral ramp. It provides an easy, smooth, and uninterrupted passage to all levels of the exhibition space.

The atrium is perceived as a large covered place for cultural activities like the Louvre Pyramid and the Main Foyer of the British Museum that is daily open and easily accessible.