Commercial Center and Offices – Beijing, China

About the project

Location: Beijing, China

Building Type: Commercial center, offices, hotel, private club and apartments.

Surface: 222 000 m²

Project: 1998

Stefan Dobrev and Gerard Pierre associated architects

The client had a project relating to the above program. Wishing to develop the project on an operational and architectural front, we were asked to conduct a survey which would achieve the new goals while keeping to the surface area and sizes authorized on this land within the constraints of the planning permission.

Our survey was aimed to give architectural coherence to a project based on a very-diverse program:

• improve the position of the shopping centre which forms the project's centerpiece on 5 levels;

• create an interesting main entrance to the shopping centre designed like a covered piazza;

• design the private club and include sports facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.);

• look for an architectural link between the housing and the central club in harmony with the apartments and with overall project;

• research for technological and architectural expression for the two towers (22 and 44 floors) by using the latest building technology and contemporary design.