Ciurlionis Concert Centre - Lithuania

About the project

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Building type: Concert Centre

Surface: 20 000 m²

International competition: 2017

Ciurlionis Concert Centre is situated in front of Nemunas Island and Kaunas historic city center. The fan-like composition perfectly fits this exceptional context, interweaving the building to the riverside promenade, Minkovski Street and the new pedestrian bridge. It is an intersection point, connecting the river and the city. The outdoor green car parking, adjacent to the street, with its abundant vegetation, serves as a noise barrier to the park and the complex.

The partly covered main public square gives easy access to the building and has panoramic views to the river and the historic city center. A smaller covered square creates a possible independent entrance to the Conference Centre. The open air Amphitheatre is entirely oriented towards the river like in a Ciurlionis’ painting.

The building’s spectacular cantilevered roof, recognizable from far away, draws an unforgettable silhouette. It floats above the river following its oblique form to become a new landmark for the city. The roof overhangs by more than 20 meters the main and secondary squares, forming representative outdoor entrance spaces. They are easy to access and offer panoramic view to the river and the historic center, promoting a visual dialog between all parts of the city.

The heart of Ciurlionis Concert Centre are three high-performance double-shell halls. The inner core of the main auditorium is designed to meet the highest acoustics standards and also to create an unforgettable atmosphere for both performers and public. The Concert Centre will be an important cultural asset for Kaunas’ citizens and visitors – it is the new rising temple of music and art.