Benchmark Business Centre

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Commercial centre and offices

Surface: 35 000 m²

Client: Benchmark

Project and realization: 2005–2009

The strategic location of Benchmark Business Centre on one of the main boulevards – Tsarigradsko Shosse, defines the idea of creating an emblematic building at the eastern entrance to Sofia.

The first two levels are commercial area, whereas the next twelve floors are designated for offices. A two-level-underground parking with a capacity of 400 lots is available for the employees and visitors.

The double-skin facade on the southwest side forms an effective sunlight and noise barrier. The service spaces and the vertical communications, situated in the building’s core, are separated by two smaller atriums from the served spaces, where offices are found. The walls are replaced by a vertical space with daylight and vegetation, contributing to the creation of a unique working atmosphere.

The office spaces are eleven meters wide with daylight coming from both sides, thus being very flexible in their polyvalent use.

The inclined facade above the main entrance forms a partially covered square, highlighting the importance of the building. This external access flows into an interior foyer, which is further enhanced by a large-scale atrium with attractive natural lighting and panoramic elevators. This major atrium space, along with two minor ones, goes through all fourteen levels of the building. That way natural light is provided in all offices and galleries, as well as in the circulation galleries.

At the beginning of the 21st century most office buildings in the world offer poor working conditions. We need a new working environment, created through natural daylight and greenery.