Stefan Dobrev – Architecture and Design Head Office

About the project

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type: Office

Surface: 400 m²

Project and realization: 2015

The head office of Stefan Dobrev – Architecture and Design is situated in one of the most prestigious districts of Sofia, near the Doctor’s monument. It has original interior space, achieved through unique design elements and high quality ecological materials.

The concept is adapted to the principles of the open office space and offers individual area for employees and common communication area for exchanging ideas and teamwork, as well as recreation zones.

The office is reorganized to create a unique atmosphere, minimizing vertical barriers and avoiding office cells. Combined with innovative interior design, the space creates an original, yet functional, composition.

The office offers cozy and comfortable working environment and creates an inspiring atmosphere.

This architecture atelier breaks the traditional models with its vision, functionality and coziness.